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Ted Hale - Successful Rower
Ted Hale - Coach
Ted Hale - Racing Boat Builder



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Ted Hale - Successful Rower ....

Ted Hale was Australian National Champion in Single Sculls from 1976-1982. He also won National Championships in the Double Scull, Quadruple Scull and Eight during this time.
Ted also achieved the following results:

Interstate Champion Single Sculls (Presidents Cup) 1976-1981.
NSW Single Sculls Champion 1976-1977, 1979-1982.
South Australian Champion Single Sculls 1980.
Victorian Champion Single Sculls 1973, 1978 & 1981.
Tasmanian Champion 1971-1975, 1983-1984.
Henley on Yarra (Silver Sculls) 1973.
Australian Intervarsity Champion Single Sculls 1971-1972 & 1975.
New Zealand Champion Single Sculls in 1976.
Diamond Sculls Single Scull Champion Henley Royal Regatta England 1976.
NSW Oarsman of the Year in 1976.

Ted represented Australia in the 1976 Montreal Olympics as a member of the Australian Olympic Team (in the Single Scull), finishing eighth in the Single Scull. He won the prestigious Diamond Sculls in 1976 at Henley on Thames, in England. He was New Zealand Single Sculls champion in 1976. Competed in world championships in 1978 and was a member of the Australian World Championship Team (in the Single Scull). In 1979 he was a member of the Australian World Championship Team (in the Eight) that was placed Fourth.

Ted won the Australian National Championships Single Sculls in 1982 in a boat of his own construction.

Ted Hale - Coach...

As a coach Ted knows the equipment needs of competitors. He is a "Level 2" accredited coach in both Rowing and Australian Rules Football (AFL), having coached numerous Australian Rowing Championship winners. Ted is also a former Queensland Selector, a former Queensland Presidents Cup coach, and a former Australian Team coach. With such a diverse background, Ted has an insight into the technical, training and racing requirements of individual rowers and specific crew needs, and is only too happy to discuss details and to offer advice at any time.

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Ted Hale - Racing Boat Builder ...

Ted Hale's career in boat building began through his involvement in repair work around the schools and rowing clubs of Sydney, whilst still a competitor. In the latter years of his racing, he built and raced his own Single Sculls, to win National Championships.

Ted Hale Racing Boats commenced business in 1982 as builders of basic fibreglass boats, then moved to traditional timber construction. They have kept abreast of developments in the latest technology and now build state of the art hi-tech boats recognised the world over for their quality and rigidity.

Early 1994 saw the business expand with a bold move to develop a boat construction facility in The Peoples Republic of China, as a direct response to requirements from export customers as well as being able to give advantages to existing Australian customers. This move came about after four years planning and research into the selection and establishment of the present factory facility.

In 1994, manufacturing began at a very reduced capacity and for the next five years the staff were selected and trained for what was required in the industry. Today the staff in the factory in China are all highly trained and skilled in up to date boat-building technology.

The China operation, known as Sylvic Sports Equipment Company began as a joint venture between Ted Hale Rowing and the Department of Physical Culture and Sport in the City of Zhaoqing in southern China.

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Ted Hale Rowing

29 August 2013


As you know Ted Hale has been in the business of manufacturing high quality boats for over thirty years and even won championships in his own designs. Over time Ted has become an essential part of the Australian rowing
community, especially in Queensland and Northern NSW.

Today, we are proud to announce to you the next steps for the future of Ted Hale Rowing with the following:
A new collaboration with SYKES
A new Tweed Coast Rowing Centre

As both SYKES and Ted Hale strive to grow the sport we all love, Ted is now helping to deliver an entirely new range of development boats called Initiators.


SYKES has been a leader in consistently delivering high quality and advanced design technology to the rowing
market in Australia for over half a century.

Combining our Chinese manufacturing experience of the past 20 years and SYKES design technology, we will
produce for you the ultimate training boat range. The Initiator range is designed to be ultra-durable, competitive and needless to say more affordable. While the Initiator range is to be manufactured in Zhaoqing, China all current
models of SYKES boats will still be made and designed in Geelong, Australia.

Our other major announcement is the establishment of the Tweed Coast Rowing Centre, which will now offer
service and repairs to SYKES and Ted Hale customers in Queensland and Northern NSW.
Although the manufacturing of Ted Hale branded boats will draw to a close you will be able to purchase remaining stock from the Tweed Coast Rowing Centre as well as boats from the new Initiator range. The Tweed Coast Rowing Centre will also provide ongoing service for all existing Ted Hale Boats.

If you have any queries or would like to know more about the Initiators please do not hesitate to contact :

29 August 2013


SYKES & Ted Hale Partnership

Tweed Coast Rowing Centre and Ted Hale Racing Boats, as a part of our recently announced new
collaboration with SYKES, we will now be manufacturing and selling SYKES boats.

With this new range in the early stages of production we can now tell you some of the product details. As the range has been designed for beginners, it boasts such features as a flatter, more stable shape. It is also the most durable boat in terms of materials and design that SYKES has produced to date. We will continue to monitor quality so every boat we manufacture meets the high standards you expect.

The Initiator range will begin with the Single Scull which will be available from October 2013. Two sizes, a heavy & a mid-weight will be available in October 2013 and a third, lightweight version will be ready in early 2014.
Following this, larger boats will commence production throughout 2014.

The entry level single scull will be priced at $3,750 plus GST, should you wish to discuss more specific product
details and group pricing please feel free call us today!





Fergus & James

NB: James Wilson is currently representing Australia at Rowing World Championships so until the 6th of September please contact Fergus Pragnell.



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